Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the manner of prioritising the press releases?

That depends a lot on the purpose of the purpose for the press release and the quality of the content.  A well-written press release for the introduction of a start-up or the project by a well known company would gain precedence over the press release by a well-established firm in need of visibility. However, ultimately, everything will depend on the kind of plan selected.

What is the time after which the press release is distributed?

We start the process within an hour. However, A press release usually gets distributed the next day, but this too depends on the package that is selected by you. There is at least a time of twenty four hours before which a press release starts getting distributed.

Can the changes be made in a press release after it has been distributed?

There is a whole procedure that has to be followed for the distribution of the press release, if the procedure has not been carried out yet and if it has not been released yet, than the changes can be made, however, if it is already accepted and published, changes cannot be made.

Can a press release be deleted after it has been distributed?

This would become a long and tedious process, the individual/business who wants to delete it can log into the account and delete it and then contact the blogs and other media where it has been put up. It is advisable to make a firm decision while the press release is not sent out. Otherwise, tracing the places to which the articles press release is sent would take a long time and sometimes some publishers do not delete it.

Is there a specific format which enhances the chances of publishing of a press release?

Yes, there is a specific format that has to be followed; this format enhances the chances of publication of a press release. However, if this format is not followed, it might reduce the chances of the press release getting published to zero. Format is an absolute essential for the acceptance and publication of a press release.

Look at the previous pages, the page of editorial guidelines to acquaint yourself with this format.

What are important factors that have to be kept in mind regarding links?

URLs should not be directly picked up from the sites. Moreover, links should be added in keywords of the within the sentences of the press release. This can be any word related to the main concept of the press release.

What is the policy of refund?

If the release is not accepted, then the refund will be provided. However, a refund won’t be provided if the story is accepted by the mediums to which they have been sent. Moreover, if there is something controversial and unsatisfactory about the press release, we do not take responsibility for the same.

How can I find the blogs and websites to which my press release news has been sent?

Please understand that all the communication shall take place through the emails. An email will be sent to you at every step of the way. This includes the time when the press release is sent and the address of the blogs and the websites to which it is sent.

(This page contains popularly asked questions regarding the procedure of sending the press release and till it gets published.)