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About Us.

Neptune100 is a content marketing firm which aims to spread the content to an appropriate audience. At Neptune100, we believe in client satisfaction to do so which we have an expert team of professionals that are well trained to handle any complex and critical PR situations.

Neptune100 is a prominent PR firm in the field of content marketing. The company has been serving its clients for a long time and has developed a blooming relation with them.

Neptune100 offers an extensive database which ensures an efficient and a quality outreach of your content. With the help of our expert editorial team, we make sure that your content is up to date and well formatted.

The paraphernalia of clients for Neptune100 ranges from various sectors such as finance, legal, public and private sectors, technological, as well as journalists. They are our esteemed clients who have quality trust on Neptune100.

At Neptune100, we believe in the gratifying work environment and uphold our ethics and morals regarding work. Our services are aimed towards client satisfactory, impactful work, and worthy contributions towards client’s success.

Our Services

What is a press release distribution?

Having your ideas heard is a big and a crucial task and should not be ignored. A press release distribution service makes sure that your content and ideas have reached maximum outreach.  A good content without any read is of no value. We offer you the way to reach your audience so that you can enjoy maximum outreach of your content.

How does it work?

With the help of our extensive database, we offer a diverse audience to our clients so that the content has a maximum outreach. Once you give us the content we analyze the content and forward the content to the audience appropriate for it.

Media Content Database

We offer a wide range of database to our clients so that the content is reached to a diverse audience. With the help of e-mails and social media, we deliver your content to the database and make sure that the content is reached to the appropriate audience.

Media Monitoring

Our services also include media monitoring. With the help of our system, we monitor the content that has been circulated into the database. We analyze the activities regarding the content and make a report of it so that the client Have a better understanding regarding their content’s outreach and impact.