Real Time News Coverage

Accurate, interesting and abundant: find relevance with Neptune.

Real Time News Coverage.

Accurate, interesting and abundant: find relevance with Neptune100.

It is believed that knowledge got abolished long ago; the modern world is the one of information. However, an equally common belief is that even though there is a boom of information, very little helps with the actual questions rising in the minds of individuals, the vision of Neptune100 is to provide a platform for the relevant press release news, such that the readers of your blogs, websites and magazines are satisfied with the information they get.

We receive a lot of press releases from a lot of start-ups in several fields. The factor that seeks to enable an increase in the number of views for a blog or a website is the variety of contents which we provide through the press releases.

No matter what your blog deals with, fashion trends, jewellery designing, travel diaries or simply the best photography features, Neptune100 provides you with appropriate and abundant press releases to make your website, blog or online magazine as resourceful as possible and thus increase the number of visitors on your page.

Besides, ours is a vision to not waste time, that is, to provide only that which is accurate and at the same time relevant. Therefore, ,at Neptune, you can get the perfect blend of quality and quantity.